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Securely holds the Afex™ Receptacle and Afex™ Collection Bag for male incontinence in place.

This adhesive-free, external collection system makes managing chronic male incontinence easier.

Turn your lamps on or off, or dim the light with this easy touch lamp dimmer. Adjusts light from dim, medium to bright or on and off. Works with any plug-in lamp.

The Freedom Wand Toilet Tissue Aid is a self wipe, sanitary, easy to use, portable, personal toilet tissue aid. It's specifically designed for personal cleaning and hygiene for anyone with limited mobility.

This CPAP pillow is perfect for a relaxing, comfortable night's sleep! It offers the proper neck support, prevents tubing from disconnecting, and made of quality memory foam with Cool-Max’s wicking fabric, keeping you cool and dry throughout the night!

A high foam, non-aerosol, pH balanced, NO RINSE cleanser designed to dissolve fecal soils resulting from incontinence. Enriched with Aloe Vera to sooth and moisturize fragile skin.

A CPAP removable quilted Cool-Max cover for the Psyche Sleep Apnea Pillow. It's made from a special wicking material designed to help regulate your body’s temperature that keeps you dry and cool on warm nights, and warm and cozy on cool nights.

Heavy duty incontinence panty has twice the fluid absorption as our regular incontinence panties. Sewn in padding. Made from antimicrobial treated material that kills odor causing bacteria.

Keep your chairs protected with these attractive, waterproof chair pads. 

Non Slip!  The non-slippery protective bottom layer is impervious to fluids.

Reusable male urinary incontinence product in an athletic supporter style. Can be used as a self-contained unit for small amounts of urine or in conjunction with a leg bag for larger volume.

The Bard® Cunningham Incontinence Clamp is the best solution for male urinary incontinence. This easy to use device safely applies just the right amount of pressure to the urethra area near the bottom of the penis to stop uncontrollable urine flow.

Manhood Absorbent Pouch is designed for light to moderate incontinence by enveloping your penis with a pouch made of a super absorbent polymer; holds 1 cup plus of liquid. Held in place with a strip of adhesive which adheres to your underwear.

Economical protective bed pad with maximum protection and absorbency. This three ply pad has superior wicking abilities. Dimensions 34" by 24" Waterproof. Machine washable.

The Buckingham Compact Travel EasyWipe is "the COMPACT personal hygiene aid that reaches and cleans where you can't." Ergonomically designed for comfort, folds to a discreet travel size to fit in a convenient hard cover carrying case.

The Weighted Insulated Cup has a steel weight added internally to the base of the cup to increase the weight.  The cup is also insulated to keep hot liquids hot and cold drinks cold.

Super absorbent, reusable, incontinence briefs for men with fly front and built in double padding. Waterproof outer layer.

"Eliminate the nasty chore of cleaning bedside commode pails. Use disposable, odor neutralizing liners with absorbent gel(good for 3 - 5 uses each) and make the nasty job an easy job. Simply roll up, use attached adhesive tape and throw away."

A skid resistant base on the bottom of 9 inch diameter adaptive plate. Plate has a high rim on one side and a low entry on the opposite. Top rack dishwasher safe.

The Sliding Swiveling Bathtub Transfer Bench & Chair makes getting in and out of the bathtub much simpler for wheelchair users and individuals with limited mobility!

Cleanis Care Bag Bed Pan Liners are disposable liners with absorbent GelMax that absorbs liquids and holds solids without odor. All liquid collected is converted into a gel.

Adaptive utensil's Plastisol coating, built-up handle and heavy weight help users with shaking hands and tremors maintain better control of the eating utensil while protecting the teeth and gums. Perfect for Parkinson's patients!

"Adding Cylindrical Foam Tubing to an item's handle is a great way for people with Parkinson's disease, arthritis or limited hand strength to comfortably grip items that are otherwise hard or painful to grasp."

A non-slip material that can be used anywhere to prevent objects from slipping or sliding. The reel material can be trimmed as needed. Washable and reusable.

"The Flow Control Handheld Shower is the latest in user friendly shower options on the market today. With its ergonomically designed soft grip handle, safety strap and water flow control, showering has now become easy for anyone!"