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Men's McGuire Style Urinal
Men's McGuire Style Urinal

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Men's McGuire Style Urinal

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Reusable male urinary incontinence product

The McGuire Urinal can be used as a self contained unit for low volume urine leaks or in conjunction with a leg bag for greater volume collection. 

The McGuire Urinal is a great choice for men who suffer from incontinence or even those who just need to extend the time between restroom stops, such as long drives, flying or other times when access to a restroom is not available.

Athletic supporter style fits comfortably

The athletic supporter style of the Uni-Size adjustable version of the McGuire Urinal has adjustments for three different sizes, each covering a range of sizes from waists 26" to 44." 

Replacement McGuire Urinal sheaths are available

The McGuire Urinal is easy to put on and is virtually unnoticeable under your clothing. 

The anti-reflux dam keeps your skin dry.  The soft fabric waistband makes the device comfortable and secure.  You may be able to go for many hours without having to empty your leg bag.

To use with a leg bag, connector tubing is attached to the McGuire Urinal and your leg bag.

Machine washable.  Contains Rubber.

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