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Manhood Absorbent Pouch
Manhood Absorbent Pouch

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Manhood Absorbent Pouch


Manhood Absorbent Pouch are designed for light to moderate incontinence. Soft, comfortable and unnoticeable!

Using a super absorbent polymer, the pouch can hold 250cc (or slightly more than 1 cup) of liquid, keeping the skin dry. The pouch is made to hold the penis, and any leakage or dripping will be caught by the pouch and be absorbed by the polymer. 

Each pouch has a 4 inch strip which adheres to your underwear to keep the it in place. The pouches are 5.75" long; 4.5" wide at their widest point; and 3" wide at their narrowest point (viewed flat). In reality they are shaped more like a flat ended cone. 

Made in Sweden. Box of 30 pouches.

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