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Coated Weighted Soup Spoon
Coated Weighted Soup Spoon

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Coated Weighted Soup Spoon

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Weighted for hand tremors and coated to protect teeth soup spoon

This adaptive utensil is coated in Plastisol to help protect the user's teeth and gums. It makes the spoon bowl thicker and provides a buffer or barrier between the stainless steel of the spoon and the individual's teeth or gums. The Coated Weighted Soup Spoon's built-up handle is designed to help users with shaking hands or tremors retain better control of the utensil by lessening the effect of the tremors.

The built-up handle comfortably fit the fingers and the contours in the handle to provide an easier grasping surface which assist in steadying the hand. These features are especially beneficial to people with Parkinson's disease or other neurological conditions that cause hand tremors.

Dimensions: Spoon length is 7.5 inches. The spoon weighs approximately 8 ounces. Dishwasher safe.  Not recommended for heavy biters.

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