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Sani Bag Commode Liner
Sani Bag Commode Liner

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Sani Bag Commode Liner

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Pail Liners for your Bedside Commode - neutralize odors, sanitary and disposable!

Having to clean a bedside commode paid has to be one of the most unpleasant tasks for a Caregiver imaginable. Because the Sani-Bag Commode Liners are a completely self contained disposable system they ensures that you will never have to clean a bedside commode pail again.

Each liner good for 3 - 5 uses

The commode liners are good  for 3 to 5 uses, a gelling agent embedded into each liner absorbs liquids while neutralizing odor and reducing cross contamination.

Sani Bags - easy deposal!

Remove the liner from the bedside commode pail, roll it up and and pull the white tab exposing the adhesive tape and seal the tape onto the rolled up Sani Bag.  Then, just throw them in with your regular trash.

Commode pail liners are biodegradable

Sani Bag's are biodegradable and approved for landfills.

Each package contains 10 liners. Each liner holds up to 24 oz. of  liquid.  The liners have a shelf life of 1 year.

This item is not returnable once opened.

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Disposable, gel absorbing commode liners can be tied up immediately after use removing soiled pail from view and smell.   You never have to spill a commode pail again."

Cleanis Care Bag Bed Pan Liners are disposable liners with absorbent GelMax that absorbs liquids and holds solids without odor. All liquid collected is converted into a gel.