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This adhesive-free, external collection system makes managing chronic male incontinence easier.

Securely holds the Afex™ Receptacle and Afex™ Collection Bag for male incontinence in place.

Afex urine collection bags Features a "turn-n-click" option to securely attach the Afex Receptacle, eliminating the need for tubes or straps.

The perfect combination for male incontinence. It completely eliminates the need for leg straps.

The double-sealed Afex Leg Bag holds up to 40 ounces and has a built-in drain handle for quick and easy drainage. The bag easily connects to and disconnects from the Afex™ Extension Tube, required for use with the Leg Bag.

Made of a breathable mesh that helps prevent skin irritation! It holds the Afex Collection Bag in securely place and separates the bag from the skin.

Eliminates the need for adhesives and external condom catheters by offering a new, more comfortable way to wear incontinence protection. The double-wall design with drain holes elevates the skin, keeping it away from urine residue and backflow.

Designed to eliminate the need for frequent trips to and from the bathroom during the night or when sitting for long periods of time. Ideal for wheelchair users, stroke survivors and men with limited mobility.

The Afex Stabilizer holds the Afex Extension Tube Assembly in place, adding additional stability and comfort for men using the Afex system of urinary management when incontinent.

Designed specifically for overnight use and protects the skin and bed linens from wetness and odor.

Designed to work with the Afex Briefs for overnight protection. Snaps right into the briefs to prevent movement or slipping out of place; and can absorbs up to 10 ounces (300 ml) of fluids.

Recommended to hold either the Low or High Style Afex™ Receptacle (sold separately) for a sanitizing cleaning and for convenient storage.

Recommended by Afex™ and specially formulated to safely clean all Afex™ incontinence components and eliminate odor.

"Wunderpad Bed Pads were developed with an amazing new technology that uses composite layers to keep skin dry. These 30 x 34"" bed pads will save your mattress."

For non-ambulatory patients with mild to moderate urinary incontinence, the Open Sided Briefs are easier for Caregivers to manage and change.