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Leg Bags & Catheters

The flexicare disposable leg bag offers maximum comfort with its durable, skin friendly woven fabric backing to reduce skin irritation and perspiration.

This knitted leg bag holder offers comfort and security by distributing the weight of the bag evenly around the leg or thigh.

The Flexicare 2 liter overnight urine bag is designed to be used with the Flexihang bag hanger.

The Freedom disposable urinary drainage bag or "leg bag" is constructed of a soft, comfortable and sterile vinyl. These secure bags come in 500ml and 1000ml sizes with choice of either a T-Tap or twist drainage port.

The Clear Advantage with Aloe combines the advantages of a 100% silicone male external catheter with the additional benefits of Aloe without compromising adhesive strength. Aloe has been known to help promote healthier skin.

Designed specifically for overnight use and protects the skin and bed linens from wetness and odor.

Afex urine collection bags Features a "turn-n-click" option to securely attach the Afex Receptacle, eliminating the need for tubes or straps.

The double-sealed Afex Leg Bag holds up to 40 ounces and has a built-in drain handle for quick and easy drainage. The bag easily connects to and disconnects from the Afex™ Extension Tube, required for use with the Leg Bag.

The perfect combination for male incontinence. It completely eliminates the need for leg straps.

Made of a breathable mesh that helps prevent skin irritation! It holds the Afex Collection Bag in securely place and separates the bag from the skin.

A high foam, non-aerosol, pH balanced, NO RINSE cleanser designed to dissolve fecal soils resulting from incontinence. Enriched with Aloe Vera to sooth and moisturize fragile skin.