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UBend It Bendable Utensils
UBend It Bendable Utensils

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UBend It Bendable Utensils

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UBend It™ Bendable Utensils are the perfect cutlery solution for people with upper extremity weakness or reduced range of motion. These special utensils allow the user to bend it in a left or right angle for a more controlled and comfortable position, reducing the strain on the wrist. Ideal for individuals with arthritis, stiff wrists and elbows, recovering from a stroke or experience other limitations.

The built-up handle is made of a contoured and textured, hard sturdy plastic, making it very comfortable and easy to grasp. The utensils are made from stainless steel for a long lasting shine and durability. Use the tab on the end of the handle to attach a wrist strap. Top rack dishwasher safe. Available in a fork or tablespoon with either a right angle, left angle, or straight. Each sold separately and as a fork and spoon set.



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