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Comfort Grip Utensils
Comfort Grip Utensils

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Comfort Grip Utensils

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Comfort Grip adaptive, built up handle angled utensils

The ability to grasp certain objects and hold on to them may become difficult for the elderly and people with physical disabilities associated with arthritis, cerebral palsy, epilepsy, brain injury or stroke.

Often times, holding a fork or spoon to have a simple meal is too difficult to accomplish. Comfort Grip Utensils were developed specifically for individuals with weak grasping and limited hand dexterity.

Soft, built up, contoured handle for easy grasping

These special utensils are made with a large built-up, contoured handle to make them easy and comfortable to hold. They're lightweight and soft, with a rubbery, non-slip surface.

Angled utensils recommended for limited hand or wrist flexibility

The angled style is recommended for individuals with upper body extremities or limited hand and wrist flexibility.

The large, firm handles are 1.25 inches in diameter; the fork is 9 inches in length and weighs slightly more than 4 ounces each; and the spoons are 8 inches in length.

The spoon bowls, knife blade and fork tines on the Comfort Grip are made of quality stainless steel that offers long lasting durability.

Comfort Grip utensils are available in both straight style and a left or right angled style.

Each utensil is sold individually or in sets of two, three or four place settings.

Dishwasher safe.

please shop carefully, these items are not returnable

Please Note: The soup spoon and dinner knife are not available in the angled.

Choose Style: Right, Left Angled or Straight


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