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Stainless Steel Rocker Knife

SKU KE150001

Stainless Steel Adaptive Rocker Knife makes cutting easier

Adaptive  Rocker Knife cuts through tough meat and thick vegetables with little effort. It’s very easy to use and gentle on the wrists. The elderly and individuals with special limitations such as arthritis, limited hand dexterityor the use of one hand are able to use it for their favorite meats or vegetables independently.

The Stainless Steel Rocker Knife features a sharp point at the end in conjunction with a bowed cutting edge. These unique features allow the user to cut using a simple rocking motion eliminating the need for for the help of a caregiver. Cutting with a rocking motion is easier than the normal "sawing" motion used with most knifes and is kinder on your wrists.

Quality stainless steel adaptive rocking knife

The knife is made from quality stainless steel to preserve its shine and usable durability. It’s nice enough to add to your everyday flatware and use with your fine dinnerware. It weighs three ounces and is eight inches in length. Dishwasher safe.

Sold in a package of two (2).

Please Note: This knife is very sharp and is not suirable for children.

Please choose carefully!  All eating utensils and personal hygiene items are non-returnable.

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Customer Reviews

Good sharp knife and easy to rock. Able to cut meat. Bud S Rockville Maryland

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