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Safety Island™ SuperPole™ Accessory


The SuperPole™ System boasts the latest in transfer and standing assist technology with superior engineering. With the SuperPole™ as the central element, this enhancement accessory will live up to everything that the manufacturer promises. 

Safety Island™: Ideal for either the bathroom or the kitchen, this accessory's circle handle design with solid center not only proves to be phenomenally beneficial as a standing device, but also as a traditional kitchen island. Upon grabbing hold of the circular handle, items can be placed on the solid center. This frees your hands for better use-such as keeping your balance. Easily attaches to the SuperPole™. For optimum use of the safety island the SuperPole™ should be placed in a central location in the room.

Easy Installation: The Safety Island™ is mounted to the SuperPole™ at virtually any height. Ring & tray do not spin freely around the pole, providing fixed support.

360 degrees of Support: Effective ring design allows continuous support - ideal for those who suffer from weak gripping strength.



SuperPole Benefits: All the benefits of the floor-to-ceiling vertical SuperPole™ - a sturdy transfer pole that can be installed in virtually any location - the kitchen, the bathroom, or the bedroom! Easily installed in minutes with basic tools by simple jackscrew expansion. This creates a tension fit between floor and ceiling.

Stylish: Clean, modern design blends in with your home decor.

Convenient: Easy to clean tray can be accessed from around the pole.

Tubular Ring: Typically 28-38"/71-97cm from floor, 18"/46cm diameter, 1.25"/3.175cm diameter tube for easy gripping.

Tray: 14"/36cm diameter A.B.S. tray, easy to wipe clean.

Tray Weight Capacity: 15lbs/7kg.

Weight capacity: 250lbs.
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