SuperTray™ SuperPole™ Accessory

The SuperPole™ System boasts the latest in transfer and standing assist technology with superior engineering. With the SuperPole™ as the central element, this enhancement accessory will live up to everything that the manufacturer promises. 

SuperTray™: Easily snaps on to the SuperPole™ to provide the convenience of a bedside or overbed table. The SuperTray™ is not to be used as a lifting device, rather as a table top surface.

Ease of Installation: Simply snaps onto SuperPole™ to provide the convenience of a bedside table or overbed table. Utilizes minimal floor space.


Ease of Use: Tray is easily removable and its slim profile allows for easy storage and cleaning. Non-slip pad prevents slipping of items on tray.

Flexible: Occupying no floor space, the SuperTray™ provides table space when required without a permanent installation. Excellent for meals, reading materials, medications, or anything desired at arm's reach.

Versatile: Clean and modern design blends with any home decor.

Solid: Sturdy all steel support frame simply attaches to the SuperPole™.

Removable: The plastic tray of the SuperTray™ can be removed from the metal frame and used to transfer meals from the kitchen.

Weight Capacity: 250lbs.

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