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Furniture Risers
Furniture Risers

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Furniture Risers

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Furniture Risers make rising from or sitting on a couch, chair, or bed easier!

Furniture Risers adjust the height of a couch, bed, chair, or table to make sitting or standing much easier; especially for people with limited mobility or wheelchair users. The wide deep base of each riser fits most sizes of bed and couch feet.


Features includes, a heavy duty plastic reinforced with ribbed construction. The non-skid pads protect floor finishes and furniture. The indentation with padded inserts on the top of the risers will accommodate standard furniture legs securely.


Furniture Risers come 8 per package; four 3” risers and four 4” risers. The weight capacity is 350 lbs. which includes the person and the furniture.

The product has a one year parts warranty and made in the USA!

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