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The BedCane
The BedCane

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The BedCane

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BedCane safely helps you into and out of your bed without assistance

Get in and out of bed with a little assistance with The BedCane. Use it on your home or hospital bed. It’s safe, adjustable, and portable.

The BedCane safely attaches to any size bed or hospital bed frame and mattress with secure straps. It features a foam grip handle for comfort. The handle folds down for easy storage or for carrying it with you. Adjust it to fit the height of your mattress and reverse it depending upon which side of the bed you use it.

BedCane is strong, sturdy and stable

The heavy duty steel handle with powder coated finish and the durable wood construction were built to last. The BedCane is easy to clean and the Closed Cell foam is also easy to sanitize.

As an added feature, The BedCane comes with a removable Organizational Pouch. The pouch snaps onto the foam handle and is perfect for keeping reading materials, the remote control, and much more.

Dimensions: Board - 19" x 23", Cane adjustable height - 19" x 22", strap - adjustable to 12 ft. Patent Pending.

The BedCane  weighs 8 lbs. and supports up to 300 lbs.

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Customer Reviews

I had a bit of trouble putting the Bed Cane between my mattress and box springs as it is heavy. Once it was in place it was a godsend. It is really rugid and well made and will last me many many years. Thank you, Alfred Pocatello Idaho

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