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TravelJohn Disposable Urinal for Men, Women, & Children

SKU INV668936

Make TravelJohn part of your travel plans and reach your destinations sooner!


TravelJohn Disposable Urinal’s are by far the best solution for eliminating frequent stops while traveling. These unique disposable urinals are convenient, sanitary, discrete, and compact. A special ingredient called LIQSORB®, works in combination with the biodegradable non-woven fabric pouch and the biodegradable polymer substance that stops bacterial growth quickly. The LIQSORB® absorbs liquid waste and turns it into an odorless, spill-proof gel; reusable until the bag is full.

You will find the TravelJohn Disposable Urinal to be a "must have" item for both home and travel use. The design and flexibility of this product make it an ideal choice for men, women, and children. Whether you’re confined to a bed, a wheelchair, or if you have limited mobility, the TravelJohn is the perfect solution.

·        Other features include:

·        Revolutionary "bag within a bag design"

·        No closure needed

·        Volume indicator included

·        Comes three per package

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