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Super Size Toilet Seat
Super Size Toilet Seat

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Super Size Toilet Seat

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A super sized toilet seat that is roomier and more comfortable than any other toilet seat.  And it will fit on your toilet!

This toilet seat has a larger more comfortable opening and a luxuriously contoured sitting surface.  Ideal for people who are larger framed, the Big and Tall, and Plus sized.  Great for seniors or those who are physically impaired as well.

The seat measures nineteen (19) inches from side to side.  It is also 2 inches higher than standard toilet seats which makes it easier to sit down and raise up.

The toilet seat is manufactured from the highest grade plastic and is stain and chemical resistant.  It has been designed to be especially sturdy and have long lasting durability.  The hinges are manufactured from durable stainless steel and provide unbreakable strength where others fail.

The Super Size Toilet Seat has been uniquely engineered to fit on ALL Standard toilets, both standard round or elongated.  Large, stabilizing, rubber bumpers that literally grip the porcelain bowl and keep the seat from any unwanted shifting.

Rated for use up to 1200 lbs.  The Super Size Toilet Seat meets ADA compliance regulation #4.23 ADAAG.

Available in closed or open front.  The open front is available with  or without the toilet seat lid.  The open front is generally used in public facilities such as hospitals, etc.  The closed seat model is available in either white or biscuit and is most often for home use.


Open or Closed Front?

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