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Smoker's Apron
Smoker's Apron

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Smoker's Apron

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Smoker's Apron Saves Lives and Prevents Injuries

The Smoker's Apron will save you, your clothing and perhaps your furniture should you drop a lit cigarette, pipe, or cigar or hot ashes from burns.

The apron is sewn from inherently flame resistant fibers, Nomex and Viscose.  It will not melt or form molten droplets if subjected to flame or ashes and ensure a high level of protection against fire risks.

Smoker's Apron made from fire retardant fabric

Nomex Fire Retardant Fabric® - The thermal protection fibre from DuPont
Permanently engineered into fabrics at a molecular level, Nomex fibres provide lightweight defense from flames and ultra high temperatures. This make an extremely effective fire retardant fabric.

The Smoker's Apron is 24 inches by 36 Inches.  Denim blue with white trim, it is color fast and machine washable. 

Lightweight and comfortable to wear.

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