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Scooper Bowl with Suction Base

SKU MA745345

The Scooper Bowl helps people eat independently!  The bright blue color has been shown to encourage eating for those who have impaired vision as it is easier to see. 

The Scooper Bowl features a high rim and a reverse curve on one side to enable scooping food onto a utensil without spilling. 

The bottom of the dish has a rubber suction base to prevent skidding. 

Molded of heat-resistant plastic. Hemispherical.  The bowl is 4 1/2" in diameter.  Top level dishwasher safe. 

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Designed to assist people with limited muscle control and individuals with the use of only one hand or those with poor or no vision. The sandstone colored plate is 9" (23 cm) in diameter. Sold in a package of two.
The plate version of the Scooper Bowl! This small plate is 6 3/4" in diameter with the low rim sitting 3/4" high. The high, curved rim is almost 1 1/2" high. The bottom has a suction cup base. Dishwasher safe.