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Quick Bar 350 Suction Grab Rail


Patented safety indicator on each Suction Grab Bar

Place this grab bar on any clean, dry, smooth surface and you have an instant grab bar!

The grab bar installs in seconds with no drilling required.  And it can be moved - take it with you on your trip.

New, patented safety indicator on each grab bar tells you if you have a good (safe) suction seal.  The indicator will change from "red" to "green" when you have a good suction seal.  If the indicator does not change, the grab bar needs to be repositioned.  Simply reposition the grab bar until you receive a go with a "green" in the indicator window that tells you the rail is properly installed.

The raised texture bumps on the rail will give you a better grip, even with soapy hands.

This line of safety grab rails are constructed of engineering grade polymer resin and non-marring suction cups.


  • overall length - 16 inches
  • grip length - 6 inches
  • grip circumferance - 4.25 inches
  • suction cup diameter - 3 5/8 inches

The Quick Bar grab rail can be used on any smooth, non-porous, dry surface such as tile, fiberglass, glass, porcelain, and some plastics.  It is not for use on painted, papered, wood or embossed surfaces.  It cannot be installed on moving surfaces.  The grab bar cannot be placed over grout lines!

The Quick Rail Grab Bar is not designed to hold or support your full body weight and is intended for support only.



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