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Provale® Cup
Provale® Cup

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Provale® Cup


Specifically developed for individuals with dysphagia, a common swallowing disorder for individuals with cerebral palsy, Parkinson's disease, recovering from a stroke or experienced a head injury.  People with dysphagia, when taking in liquids or food, will use a sucking or inhaling motion which can cause food or liquids to lodge in the throat or travel to the lungs, causing a serious infection such as aspiration pneumonia.

The Provale® Cup delivers a fixed amount (5cc or 10cc) of thin liquids, "small swallows®" for individuals with dysphagia. The cup's patented anti-suck mechanism prevents over delivery of fluids and the limited-flow help promote safer swallowing, hydration and nutrition in every drink. The plastic cup's broad base prevents spilling and come complete with large handle grips to allow individuals with poor motor coordination to easily grasp and use the cup.

The Provale® Cups are available in two different versions to deliver either 5cc or the 10cc. The 5cc cup has a transparent outer cup with a blue cap, recommended for individuals with dysphaigia, and the 10cc cup is transparent with a brown cap.  Both versions come with two removable handle grips; use one, both or none of the handles.  The transparency of the cup allow patients or Caregivers the ability to observe the amount of liquid remaining in the cup. Both cups are dishwasher safe.

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