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Partitioned Scoop Plate
Partitioned Scoop Plate

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Partitioned Scoop Plate

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Like having a picnic but only better!

The Partitioned Plate is separated into three sections, similar to those heavy duty paper plates, to keep your food separated. The big difference though is these are made of a heavy duty, durable plastic which is microwave and dishwasher safe.

The sides of the plate are also much higher than the paper plate version - 1.5 inches deep. The depth of the rims on the plate allow you to nudge your food onto your spoon or fork with less difficulty.

These plates also come with lids for storing in the refrigerator, etc. The plates are stackable.

They are 9 inches in diameter with three separate sections. The largest is almost one half of the plate while the two smaller sections are each about a quarter. They will be great for side dishes such as fruit, vegetable, etc. These plates would be perfect for serving an individual in bed or another location as you would not have to worry about spilling the contents.

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