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Premium Disposable Washcloths


No chapping or drying of delicate tissues with our premium, disposable washcloths! 

Each cloth has imbedded Aloe Vera Gel as well as lanolin to sooth and moisturize as well as gentle cleansers to throoughly cleanse delicate areas.  

The disposable cloths are both alcohol and latex free

The re-sealable package of premium, disposable washcloths holds 48 individual washcloths.

The 12.4" x 7.9" cloths are super strong and very soft.  They come packaged in a plastic, re-sealable, pop up pack of 48 cloths.  The pack can  be placed in a handbag or other carrier for discreet convenience.

The gentle fragrance will freshen and deodorize.

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