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Five Piece Hip Kit for post hip or knee surgery

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The 5-Piece Kit for Hip or Knee includes the five most pertinent items needed and recommended for post surgery or injury. This 5-Piece Kit allows you to perform daily tasks without the discomfort and pain of bending.
The kit includes these five helpful items:

  • 27" Helping Hand Reacher: No need to become stressed when you drop that needed item or see that item sitting on a table out of your reach. Easy to use and reliable! 
  • Sock Aid with Foam Handles: The Sock Aid is made of a plastic material that doesn't "give" and holds its shape to allow you to put on your socks. It features a braided cord line with foam hand grips to ensure a soft comfortable grasp. The sock aid also features a foam pad which adheres to the underside of the sock aid to provide non-slip resistance for the sock. 
  • 27" dressing stick: Ideal for people with limited upper extremity movement or decreased hip flexion. The extra strong 5/8" diameter hardwood dowel has a vinyl coated push-pull hook on one end and a small "C" pull hook on the other. The plastic coated combination hook/pusher assists in putting on shirts and jackets, pulling up slacks or skirts, or removing socks. The small hook on the opposite end aids in pulling zippers and shoelace loops. Essential for anyone who has difficulty bending, a limited range of movement, or use only one hand. 
  • 16" plastic shoehorn: The contoured handle on this shoehorn will fit easily in any sized hand. The 16” plastic shoehorn is designed to make putting on your shoes effortless, without bending. 
  • 26" long handled sponge: The long handle allows you to clean hard to reach areas when bathing without bending.

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