Econo Hip Kit

The Econo Hip Kit combines the essential products for post knee or hip replacement surgery into a single package.  After replacement surgery your doctor will advise you not to to overdo bending, either your knees or at the waist.  This can make getting dressed a bit difficult.

This kit contains our Rigid Formed Sock Aid with foam cushioned grips.  You'll be amazed how well this sock aid will work for you.  The 18 inch Long Handled Shoehorn and the sock aid will allow you to put on your shoes without bending forward and causing possible damage to your new hip or knee replacement.

The Long Handled Contoured Sponge again will allow to bathe or shower without the need for much bending to clean your legs and feet and it will reach around your back too!

The Featherlite Reacher is a full 26 inches long and comes equipped with a small knob on the end to pull up your clothing and a magnet at the tip to pick up small metal items.  Having the extension ability of a long reacher means you won't have to get up as much if sitting and will be able to reach items high up without the need for a step stool.


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