The AlphaDry Sheath/Reservoir System is designed to give you the ultimate in dryness protection. It also allows you to lead a normal life again, free from diapers, leg bags, tubes, clamps, and adhesives.


  • AlphaDry Sheath/Reservoir
  • Velcro Elastic Strap
  • Instructions/Care/Troubleshooting

Note: Customer supplies his own Jockey style underwear.

AlphaDry Urinary  Collection System
Trimming Hair & Cleaning Penis. If you find that pubic hair gets caught and pulls when the Sheath condom is rolled onto or off the penis, carefully use scissors to trim the pubic hair back. Wash and dry the penis. IMPORTANT: Make sure that the inside of the Sheath condom is dry. When the grippers on the inside of the Sheath condom are dry, they grip much better. If the Sheath condom is wet, use a hair dryer to dry it.
: Rolling the Sheath Down like a Condom. Take the sheath end of the AlphaDry Reservoir opposite the blue exit valve. Put both of your thumbs in the open end (fig. A) and begin to roll the latex down similar to rolling a condom (fig. B). Roll down the entire length to the internal reflux valves. Make sure it’s rolled down as far as it can go and that the T-shaped reflux valve slits are clearly showing. If the valve slits are protruding upwards, push them down again.
Rolling the AlphaDry Sheath /Reservoir onto the Penis. Gently press the head of the penis (fig. C) against the internal reflux valves and begin to unroll the sheath over the head using both hands. After the Sheath has been rolled onto the penis about 1 inch, use one hand to hold the sheath-covered head and pull the penis gently away from your body. With the other hand, continue to unroll the remainder of the rolled latex portion of the sheath up the stretched penis shaft until the sheath is completely unrolled (fig. D).

Keep the foreskin forward for uncircumcised penises. Do not use any lubricants and/or powder. They will cause slippage with the grippers.

Encircling the Penis with the Velcro Elastic Strap. Position the Velcro Elastic Strap halfway along the penis shaft with the smooth side under and against the penis. Hold the end without the tab with one hand against the penis. Take the other hand and stretch the Velcro Elastic Strap outward (fig. E) and, without releasing any tension, wrap it snugly around the covered penis shaft and press the tab into the Velcro hooks to seal it (fig. F).

IMPORTANT: The amount of tension is determined by how far you pull the Velcro Elastic Strap out before you begin to wrap it around the penis. You must put enough tension on it so as to seat the grippers built into the inside of the sheath. When the grippers are properly set, there will be no slippage and/or backflow from the AlphaDry Sheath/Reservoir.

CAUTION: Do not wrap too tightly. If there are any sign of discomfort and/or red marks, redo the procedure and make the Velcro Elastic Strap less tight.

Preparing the AlphaDry Reservoir for Use. Evacuate all the air out of the Reservoir by squeezing on it with the Blue exit valve open. Then close the Blue exit valve while still squeezing on the Reservoir. This action creates a vacuum to assist urine flow through the one-way valves and into the Reservoir.
Positioning the Sheath-Reservoir Inside Your Jockey Style Underwear. You are now ready to put your Jockey style underwear on. You may need to purchase one size larger so as to accommodate the AlphaDry Reservoir. Position the AlphaDry reservoir in the Jockey style underwear with the penis slightly cocked to the right and the reservoir pointed to the left in a loose ‘J’ shape. (fig. G)

Empty the Reservoir when it begins to feel heavy (usually every two or three hours). IMPORTANT: Do not let it become more than half full, or back pressure will be created against the one-way valve. The easiest way to empty it is to stand in front of a urinal or toilet and pull your underwear down to expose the reservoir. Point the blue exit valve downward and open it by turning it clockwise. The reservoir will begin to drain. (Note: To expedite the draining, squeeze the Reservoir slightly.) Once the Reservoir is empty, it is important to squeeze the reservoir so as to evacuate all the air out and then close the exit valve tightly. Shake off any remaining urine from the tip of the valve. Return the AlphaDry to a loose 'J' shape position with the blue exit valve pointing up within your Jockey style underwear.


Step 1. Preparation. Empty your Reservoir, close the exist valve, and remove your jockey shorts.

Step 2. Removing the Velcro Elastic Strap. Remove the Velcro Support Strap by pulling on the tab to release it.

Step 3. Removing the Sheath/Reservoir. Begin to roll the Sheath off the penis. At the same time, grasp the Reservoir and pull it away from the body.

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