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Scooper Plate with Non-Skid Base

SKU MA745377

Another fine product to encourage independent eating!

The Scooper Plate with Non Skid Base is a great aid for those with disabilities which make eating difficult. 

The dish is oval in shape and is rimmed  to enable those who have difficulty getting food onto their forks and spoons.  The high rim is on one end of the oval dish and allows you to "scoop" food onto your  fork or spoon for easier dining.  This may allow some individuals to be able to feed themselves without assistance.

A self-sticking disk is included to adhere to the bottom of the dish to made the plate non-skid. 

The oval plate is 7.5 inches long and 6 inches wide. 

This dish is not recommended for either dishwasher or microwave oven use.

The Scooper Plate is now also available in red - for those with low vision or Alzheimer's.  Studies have shown that individuals with Alzheimer's will eat more when using red dinner ware.  And, red is easier for those with low vision to see, making their dining experience more positive.

We continue to offer this plate in a light sandstone as well.

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