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UroMend Incontinence Control Device

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The UroMend Incontinence Control Device was created to provide you with the very best in urinary incontinence control!  Now available in this convenient device that is size adjustable, comfortable, and doesn't need to be removed for urination.  It will give you back your life!

The UroMend is an external device that compresses the urethra from outside.  It has a ratcheting mechanism that adjusts to all sizes. 

The UroMend is not affected by contact with water or urine.

  • Push button mechanism that, when depressed, puts pressure on the urethra to prevent leakage.
  • Does not need to be removed for urination.  The push button mechanism will allow normal urination when released.
  • Not affected by contact with water or urine.
  • Comfortable to wear as it is very light and requires minimal pressure for urethral compression.
  • Made of a very soft but durable rubber compound designed to stand up to years of wear and tear. 
  • Does not contain latex.

This product is not for continuous use and should only be used under the direction of your physician.  Ask for doctor if this product is right for you!

Contains no latex.


A prescription from your physician is required to purchase this product. Ask your physician for a prescription and either have him/her mail or fax it to ElderStore or you can do so yourself.

Optional Urine Drip Guard
The use of the optional Urine Drip Collector protects you from occasional drips and dribbles.  A super absorbent, disposable "cap" fits over the head of your penis catches all leaks and wicks away moisture from your skin.  Available in bags of 30.

This item is non-returnable.

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