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Sock and Shoe Aid
Sock and Shoe Aid

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Sock and Shoe Aid

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Put Your Socks On Without Bending With Sock and Shoe Aid

Sock n Shoe Aid was specifically designed to assist people with Arthritis, Parkinson’s, back problems, recovering from knee or hip replacement surgery, or other situations that make bending difficult.  

Its cone shape funnel and 18” handles help with control while donning socks or compression hose. Also works as a shoehorn.

Sock Aid durable and lightweight

The tough copolymer material construction ensures its durability while remaining very lightweight.

 Works for most shoe sizes and can accommodate most socks including many compression stockings. Available with a 3 year limited warranty.

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Combining the essential products for post knee replacement or hip replacement surgery into a single package.
The RIGID Formed Sock Aid, made of a plastic material that doesn't give, helps you pull your sock onto your foot with little effort and no bending! Great for users with limited hand strength, back problems, or are recovering from hip or knee surgery.
Ideal for people that have trouble bending, have problems with their back, or are recovering from hip or knee replacement surgery; not to mention a great conversation piece because of its extra long length!