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Melaware Adaptive Utensils (3-pc. set)


Melaware Adaptive Utensils designers had people with special needs in mind. These utensils are easy to grasp and designed to fit comfortably in any hand. Elderly people and people who have difficulty moving their hand or wrist due to arthritis, stroke, brain injury or other physical limitations can use Melaware utensils without help from caregivers.

These "easy hold utensils" featuring tapered and angulated handles designed to make gripping cutlery as effortless as possible. The handles are made of a hard, dense plastic, measures 4-1/2 inches long and 1 inch in diameter at the base and taper to 3/4 inch.

The unusually shaped knife blade will cut with both slicing and rocking motions with minimum effort.  The knife blade is not designed for cutting tough meat.

The spoons are angled for use with either the left or right hand. Use the right angled spoon if you're right handed or the left angled spoon if you're left handed. Ideal for persons with decreased wrist motion, arthritis, stroke or other physical limitations. The fork has three short, "v" shaped tines. 

Available in a set of three with your choice of either a left or a right angled spoon.

PLEASE NOTE: This set comes in two different colors; the spoon and knife
have blue handles and the fork has a brown handle.
For safe hygiene purposes, all eating utensils are non-returnable!

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