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Replacement Sheath for McGuire Style Urinal

SKU DM7757

McGuire Style Replacement Sheath for Male Incontinence

This comfortable McGuire Style Replacement Sheath, designed for male urinary incontinence, snaps on securely to the McGuire Style Urinal. The soft Latex sheath features a unique one-way valve to prevent fluid return.

A favorite of men recovering from prostate surgery and used with the McGuire Style Urinary Incontinence kit, which comes with everything you'll need:

  • Adjustable Waistband
  • 20 oz. Leg Bag with 6-1/4" Tubing attached
  • Adjustable Latex Straps
  • Replaceable Snap On Sheath
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Reusable male urinary incontinence product in an athletic supporter style. Can be used as a self-contained unit for small amounts of urine or in conjunction with a leg bag for larger volume.