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Long Handled and Angled Bath Sponge

SKU INC14431

Ergonomically designed long handled and angled bath sponge

The Essentials Long Handled Sponge is a better alternative to having a caregiver help you wash those hard to reach areas when bathing.

A Long Handled Brush offers users the ability to wash their back, neck and legs in comfort after a Stroke, or other conditions when reaching and raising their arm difficult.

Handle grip designed for ergonomic comfort

The ergonomically, contour design of the Essentials Long Handled Sponge provide a soft, comfortable, and secure fit in your hand and reduces strain on the wrist and elbow joints.  The angle in the long handle provides even more agility in reaching hard to reach spots.

The handle is 26 inches in length.  The large sponge attached to the end is 6" x 4" x 2". 

The grip is a rubber like material which is easy to grasp and won't slip in your hand.

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