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Essentials Grip Cutlery
Essentials Grip Cutlery

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Essentials Grip Cutlery


Essentials™ Grip Cutlery comfortably fits any size hand! These special utensils are designed specifically for the elderly and individuals with arthritis or some other condition that causes limited grasping or limited hand strength yet nice enough for everyday use.

The ergonomically shape and texture of the handle allows for a comfortable, non-slip fit in almost any sized hand. This functional design feature helps the user who may have difficulty grasping regular flatware, securely grip the Essentials™ flatware to confidently dine independently.

The Essentials™ Grip Cutlery is made of quality stainless steel with soft, comfortable handles made from a durable strong plastic. The utensils range from 7 inches to 9 inches in length. Come in a set of 4 which includes a knife, fork, teaspoon and soup spoon.

Available in Gray only!

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