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Biffy Personal Rinse
Biffy Personal Rinse

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Biffy Personal Rinse

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Transform your toilet into a Bidet

The Biffy® Personal Rinse is a wonderful device that connects to essentially any toilet bowl.  It provides complete personal hygiene quickly, conveniently and privately; and, it's simple to use!

The Biffy® has a compact spray arm that mounts discreetly under the rim of your toilet bowl.  A gentle push on the Biffy handle positions the spray arm and delivers a gentle shower of fresh tap water to cleanse and refresh you completely.

Release the handle and the spray arm automatically shuts off and returns to its resting position under the rim.  It's as simple as that!

The Biffy is self-cleaning, requires very low maintenance and is engineered for durability.  The Biffy simply attaches to your toilet bowl and tank water supply.  It can be installed by virtually anyone.  Although the Biffy offers the benefits of a bidet, it is a lot more convenient, works much better and costs far less.  Try how clean and fresh you will feel!

For Your Health

  • Improves personal hygiene
  • Promotes healing
  • Allows hemorrhoids to heal
  • Benefits personal care for women
  • Limits spread of infection
  • Inhibits bacterial growth

Features of the Biffy®

  • Completely hygienic
  • Adjustable water pressure with nine (9) streams of water
  • Movable spray pattern
  • Constructed of strong, lasting, state of the art materials
  • Ten minute easy installation requires no modifications or in-wall plumbing, using only a screwdriver and pliers
  • No additional Bathroom space needed
  • Nearly invisible; its ergonomic design places the arm out of sight when not in use
  • Available in white and almond to easily coordinate with your bathroom
  • Safe for all ages - even toddlers!

How To Use Your Biffy

1. Sit back comfortably and naturally on the toilet seat.

2. Use your right hand to push the handle backwards until a comfortable spray is felt. Position the Biffy for optimum cleansing.

3. To stop spraying, release the handle allowing it to return to its resting position.

4. The Biffy Personal Rinse is self-cleaning and completely hygienic.

Your choice of regular or chrome!

One year warranty.

Your Price $99.95

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