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Alpine Reusable Leg Bag with Odor Barrier



Alpine Leg Bags are reusable

The economical choice for long term use of leg bags!  Alpine Leg Bags are reusable;  wash, rinse and use again.  Made from a tough Latex rubber, the leg bags are constructed for daily use with long lasting protection.

For added strength, the bag has built in suspensory loops to eliminate sagging and to conform to the leg for a low profile fit.  

Odor Control

One of the major advantages of the Alpine is its patented Kraylex odor barrier which offers two layers of protection. The first layer locks in fluid, while the second one traps any odor - for maximum confidence.  Disposable leg bags do not offer odor control.

The Mentor Alpine Leg Bag is easily cleaned and maintained through regular use of an appliance cleaner. 

Available in different styles and sizes to fit your build and/or activity level.

The Alpine can also be used with Better Pant, a urological undergarment that eliminates the use of straps around your leg for greater comfort.  There is also none of the "rubber" feel against your bare skin of your leg, only the fabric of the Better Pant which is designed for comfort.

This leg bag is used with external condom catheters such as the Clear Advantage or the Gizmo Two Piece.

Please note:  This product contains Latex.


HCPCS - A5112


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