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Gas Cap Opener
Gas Cap Opener

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Gas Cap Opener

SKU KE21150

Gas Cap Opener Tool uses leverage to twist your gas cap open and to tighten

Many of us, especially those with Arthritis or hand injuries, will appreciate this great new tool uses leverage to twist your gas cap open easily and to tighten as well.

The gas cap tool fits over the gas cap raised handle with its three turning slots allowing you to easily turn the cap to open and to re-tighten. Click on "more pictures" button to see other views of this great tool.

Two additional head attachments are included with the tool to ensure that the Gas Cap Tool will fit your car's gas cap. Be sure to keep them in a convenient place if they are needed with your next car purchase!

The tool has a solid handle which is angled for a comfortable grip. Just fit the tool to your gas cap and twist!

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Customer Reviews

Works just as it says. The Gas Cap Opener makes it so much easier for my Arthritic hands to open the gas cap. Lillibeth Atlanta, Georgia

My husband tightens the gas cap on my car so tightly and I once had to drive back home to pick up a wrench to open the cap. Now I don't have to worry, I have my Gas Cap Opener with me at all times. DWB Fairfax, VA

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