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J Clamp for Urinary Incontinence


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Penis Clamps and Pouches

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Urine drip collect pouches fit over the head of your penis like a cap. Each urine pouch/cap will hold up to 2 ounces of urine. The urine caps are absorbent and disposable and very affordable. The drip pouches are thin (but very absorbent) and discreet, no
The breakthrough ActiCufTM is a disposable, undetectable pouch designed to help men treat and manage light to moderate urinary incontinence. When placed on the penis, the padded closure gently presses down on the urethra to control urinary flow.
Manhood Absorbent Pouch is designed for light to moderate incontinence by enveloping your penis with a pouch made of a super absorbent polymer; holds 1 cup plus of liquid. Held in place with a strip of adhesive which adheres to your underwear.
"The aim of the company producing the UroMend Incontinence Control Device is to provide you with the very best in urinary incontinence control! This convenient device is completely adjustable, comfortable to wear, does not need to be removed for urinatio