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Catheze Urinary Leg Bag Holder


Catheze™ holds your urine collection leg bag in place comfortably and securely! 

Using Catheze to hold and position your urinary leg bag eliminates worry or concern that your leg bag will slide down your leg, allowing you to move freely, relax and maintain and active lifestyle. 

For use by both men and women!

The fully adjustable belt will allow you the freedom and security to wear your urinary leg bag anywhere you choose.  It can be secured to your inner thigh, upper or lower thigh, calf, ankle - YOUR CHOICE!

The belt is lightweight, easy to wear, easy to adjust to your needs and above all, comfortable and discreet.

Unlike the usual leg bag straps, this new urinary incontinence management device will not pinch your skin and eliminates the "pull" on the catheter tubing while allowing you to position your leg bag where you prefer, as high or low on your thigh or calf as you desire.

Using The Catheze system: 

1.  Fit the waist belt around your waist, either high or low depending upon your personal preference. 

2.  Place the loop of the length adjustable connector strap on your right or left side and slide to the desired position.

3.  The bottom end of the connector strap is connected to the top of the leg bag holder.  The leg band is threaded through the top of the leg bag holder.  Place the leg band around your thigh or calf, again depending upon your personal preference and comfort.  Velcro™ allows you to adjust the fit of the leg band.

4.  Using the "buttons," secure or clip your leg bag to the leg bag holder which is now connected to both the Velcro Leg Band and the waist band.  All leg bags have button holes built in for attaching to leg straps.  Simply button or clip the leg bag onto the leg bag holder. 

5.  If desired, you can use one of the leg bag straps (included with all leg bags) to secure the bottom of the leg bag, but it is not required as the the leg bag is held securely in place using the Catheze.

An additional small strap utilizing Velcro™ will hold any excess tubing in place if needed.


The connector strap holds your leg bag in place because it attaches to the waist belt to take the "weight" off the leg bag as it fills adding stability, eliminating the problem of a leg bag sliding down your leg.

Catheze holds your leg bag in place because it is attached both on the leg but to the connector strap attached to your Catheze waist belt.  Your leg bag will not slide down your leg using this system!

Testimonials received by Catheze:

I was delighted to receive the package you sent my father.  Let me say that your service and interest in your customers extraordinary!  It's something that you don't see every day and I commend you.  I have already mentioned your company and your phone call to my father's urologist.  Every urologist and visiting nurse or home care professional should be aware of your products.  It is a pleasure doing business with you! 
Thank you again,
Bryan S.

When someone is as satisfied as I am, they should express their appreciation!  I would like to say thank you a hundred times over for your invention.  I have had such a big change in comfort and peace of mind using the Catheze product.  First and most important is to say, it's the best product I have found regarding incontinence devices in my 26 years of being incontinent.  I have tried about every way possible to secure a urinary bag to my leg without it causing many problems and nightmares.  Since using the Catheze device, I have yet to encounter a problem with slipping or binding. 
Clifford R.

Catheze History:

The inventor of Catheze had first hand experience with a catheter leg bag after her bladder was cut during her C-section.  For some time afterwards she required the use of a catheter and leg bag.  While wearing the leg bag she found the latex leg straps would twist and pinch as the bag filled causing the leg bag to slide down her legs and painfully pull on the tube.

Her fear of having the leg bag come out the bottom of her pant leg in public and the pain of the catheter pulling on the catheter tube made an already uncomfortable situation even worse.  She realized that someone living with this situation needed to make something that works.

Catheze does not work with the Hollister Style Bags

Custom waist size:  
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